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Bonjour à tous,
Nous revenons vers vous en cette Fin d'Année pour vous souhaiter de Bonne Fêtes et une HEUREUSE ANNÉE 2017!!!
Nous voudrions par ailleurs partager avec vous la vidéo de notre CHOCOLATADA 2017,
réalisée ce 16 décembre passé dans la Cordillère de Lares...
Puka Nina est donc à nouveau sur la Route des Andes...
Nous espérons que vous l'aimerez autant que nous.

À bientôt !!

Cliquez sur l'image ou allez sur le lien suivant:

Puka Nina Peru
Travel Haute Couture

Puka Nina Peru is a travel agency and receptive tour operator in Peru, created in 2004 and turned toward a sustainable tourism development, also called ethics, solidarity and fair. We want to close because of local people and structures (hotels, transporters) to domestic capital, that the currency generated by your visit are as much as possible in the region and the country and contribute to the development of Peru and its inhabitants.

We are based in Cusco, Peru, the heart of the Andes, at 3400m altitude. Our individual tours are customized at will. We specialize in tours or trips to the card and we will build your program to suit you according to your wishes, your time and financial budget, whether to stay discovery, adventure, classic tours, hiking or of treks, or visits from the inhabitants on the Titicaca altiplano or lands lost in the Andes.

Puka Nina also offers car rentals with driver for a dozen or more passengers to travel through Peru freely, handy and economical if you are a small group of friends or family, easily achievable inside a circuit card.

Of course, it is not always possible to avoid the main tourist Puka Nina meet the challenge you to find its way to the landscapes, cultures, sites, ethnic, folklore, both in high altitudes in the desert, the woods in mist or altiplano, with experienced guides that are sure to love this wonderful country that is Peru ... all orchestrated by a team competent in our new offices in the district Magisterio ...

Andean cultures and ethnicities
Trekking in the Andes
Corpus Cristi and Intiraymi in Cuzco